Kylie gets Deadmau5ed

From time to time I like to dive into some club tunes, it is kind of a stroll down the memory lane as it takes me back to my very first Open’er Festival where I saw Faithless (very dear to me back then in 2005) and discovered Underworld. I always have this particular memory in mind: Underworld, sunset by the sea, people dancing to trance music and green lazers in the skies…

Anyway, I discovered this nice tune by Deadmau5 last spring as it was featured in a mixtape by… well, to be perfectly honest I can’t remember who it was, but it was someone I like, that’s for sure. Quite sentimental summer club anthem I would say. Here it is, ‘Brazil (2nd edit)’:

Why does it appear on my blog so long after my discovery? No, not because I hardly ever write on my blog these days… Good observation, though. Well, today I discovered this unreleased Kylie song ‘Change Your Mind’ from Aphrodite sessions and it sounds quite familiar, to say the least. In fact, it is Kylie’s voice singing Jake Shears’ lyrics on top of Deadmau5′ ‘Brazil’. Spot on, I’m caught in a loop!

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