In Music We Trust – 2nd anniversary! / Summer Flashback pt.1

This post begins a third year of this blog’s life!

Personally, I wish myself more willingness to write, because recently I fail to commit to this blog as I once used to. As you might have noticed if you ever visit the blog these days.

And now, a litlle bit out of nowhere, I will write about one of my summer adventures related to music (there are two more to come! YES, they will appear). Let’s go back to June.

One day, I discovered that Tim Exile was playing at All About Freedom Festival in my hometown, Gdańsk, just a few days after I got back from Scotland. I was really excited to see him, as last time, he just blew my mind with his hyper-interactive performance. Also, I had an opportunity to talk to him in Glasgow and he turned out to be a really nice guy, so I was looking forward to have a chat again.

The gig was everything that I expected and a little bit more. Tim had a great relationsip with the audience, interactivity was written all over his performance, and he had three encores (although the third one was a host’s faux-pas – didn’t she get it that he actually is tired for real and not just acting like a diva?…).

I had my very own special moment at the gig when Tim gave me a mic and asked me to go around the venue and have people making sounds/singing to it. As you can imagine, he was looping and mixing them on the go. And there I was going back and forth for fifteen minutes or so. I was trying to get Novika, Marsija and other vocalists from the Fox Box project (they were performing before Tim) on the song, but I couldn’t find them. However, I found Bunio (Can you remember this song?) and asked him where the rest of the team was… but it got looped instead of the team itself.

Once the gig was over, I had a great chat with Tim and told him that I’m def coming to one of his jamshops once he settles in London after moving from Berlin. He told me that my friends and myself can have our private session, so I’m looking forward to it!

Here’s Tim’s vblog #2 that includes some clips from his gig in Gdańsk – I’m right there in the first row, watch out…

If things go as I hope for, there may be several posts about Tim in the near future…
(mysterious project)

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