Crystal Fighters

Finally, some fresh music! I haven’t come across many exciting albums recently, so excitement was double when I first saw ‘Follow’ (thanks to T. for sharing the link) and discovered Crystal Fighters this way. They desribe their music as “fast dance music with Basque instruments, synthesizers and our voices.” It may sound a bit weird, but the actual music is, well, music for my ears.

Cool video, isn’t it? ‘Follow’ is the closing track on Star of Love, so before you get to this song you have another 10 goodies to listen to first. No matter what the tempo is, all Crystal Fighters songs burst with energy and those Basque instruments give a feel of sunburnt Spain. Last year Jessie Evans got to #2 in my top 10 albums ranking for her combo of Mexican vibe with a subtle electronica (however, there was much mor to that album!), and I can feel that Crystal Fighters will land somewhere high this year…

What is really great about this album, is that I like to listen to it in its entirety. Obviously, I have a few songs that I like more than the others, but Star of Love work great as a whole. Well-balanced, diverse yet consistent. Have a listen at the album preview here. Although the album was released just this week and my excitement is still fresh, I can feel Crystal Fighters will stick with me for a long, long time.

To sum up: such a thrill, such a thrill…

Just in case you want to get more familiar with Crystal Fighters, they have a couple more videos.

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