Body Talk

Robyn actually made it! I was rather sceptical about her plan of releasing three albums this year as so many projects like this keep on being delayed and delayed (let’s take just Röyksopp’s Junior for example). On 29th of November, the final part of Body Talk will be released. There are 10 songs from previous installments and 5 new tracks. Have a look at the tracklist and my notes:

1. Fembot (very good)
2. Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do (excellent)
3. Dancing On My Own (excellent)
4. Indestructible (very good)
5. Time Machine (new)
6. Love Kills (excellent)
7. Hang With Me (excellent)
8. Call Your Girlfriend (new)
9. None Of Dem (very good)
10. We Dance To The Beat (good)
11. U Should Know Better (mediocre)
12. Dance Hall Queen (good)
13. Get Myself Together (new)
14. In My Eyes (mediocre)
15. Stars 4-Ever (new)

If new tracks won’t be flops, with a tracklist like this I can see this album in my top 10 this year. Quite a decent electropop release, I have to admit. Not a guilty pleasure. On top of that, I really like the visual side of the project: music videos – stunning cinematography with a modern edge to it; interesting cover sleeves, especially the third one (have a look above), and print on the CD (click here). It’s all very consistent, also when it comes to the vibe of the music. Let’s wait until we hear the new material, but so far so good!

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