A handful of subjectively selected best songs of 2010

Since my 2010 album summary is being created in a pace of a snail (excuses: broken laptop and exams), I decided to write a quick post in the meantime. So here I am trying to think of the songs that – for whatever reason – I enjoyed the most in 2010, relying just on my memory – no help from iTunes or last.fm. I will enlist them in an order they come to my mind, so it doesn’t reflect my preference – I love them all anyway!

iamamiwhoami – ‘T’ and ‘Y’

The mysterious group (?) behind iamamiwhoami project kept me thrilled the whole year and got me more and more involved with every video/song they released. ‘T’ and ‘Y’ are audio-visual-conceptual masterpieces.

Robyn – ‘Dancing On My Own’ and ‘Indestructible’

To put it briefly: can electropop get better than this? Robyn fills her songs with sincere emotions and in case of these two songs she showed a dancefloor drama in the light of strobelights. Great melodies, top production, emotional vocals and plenty of ‘moments’ that just make you (or is it just me?) drop everything and sing-along while dancing.

Scissor Sisters – ‘Invisible Light’

That’s what happens when you combine a group of genuine entertainers and a production genius Stuart Price. The song is epic. That’s the sound of perfection. When I experienced it live with all the strobes, lazors, Jake’s naked torso and glamorous Ana – from the first row – that was a mind-blowing blast. One of my all-time favourite songs.

Groove Armada – ‘Paper Romance’

I love the bittersweet, dramatic, dark vibe of this tune. Throughout the year I was stuck on repeat many times with ‘Paper Romance’ and I haven’t got bored of it in a slightest way. Oh, and me and my best friend had some amazing dance/performance moments on her kitchen floor one summer night.

Crystal Fighters – “Champion Sound”

Sounds like a carefree summertime… with a pinch of melancholy. I love this airy sound in the song (once you listen, you’ll know which one).

Cibelle – “Man from Mars”

This beautiful track reminds me of summer as well… One reason is that I was ‘taking care’ of Cibelle and her band at the festival that took place in the summer, but apart from that – the song is a bliss and once I close my eyes, my imagination takes me for a perfect holiday. Great combination of bossanova and subtle electronia with Cibelle’s sensual vocals on top of that.

CocoRosie – “Fairy Paradise”

It’s all about THIS moment (3:10). Implosive explosion. When I first heard it, I just began to dance, dance in a really weird way.

Crookers feat. Róisín Murphy – “Royal T”

I still remember the thrill when I first heard this song when Róisín performed it at the Victor & Rolf fashion show – the power of the song mixed with the fascinating dresses created this out-of-this-world experience. Inspiring.

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