Video project: Tim Exile’s online jam


It’s been some time, but I’m still here. My 2010’s top albums are waiting patiently to get sorted out and published here. Better late than never, right? Actually, I have rather exciting explanation for my recent absence… I’m working on a video project with Tim Exile! I set up a special mini-blog devoted to the project – to have a look just visit Or you can just read below the post from there:


Thanks for devoting your precious time to visiting this space! Now that you are here, it would be great if you had a look at the video where we introduce our modest selves and explain what it is all about

We are really looking forward to see some footage of you getting involved in Tim Exile‘s online jam. We assume that you know more than well who he is, but just in case you have not come across his online jam idea watch the videos below:

Watch this clip to see how the free Soundcloud iPhone app works (if you are not a lucky owner of an iPhone, you can use the browser version to send sounds – just go to and log in):

What can you do to help us and be in our video project?

– record yourself or your friends participating in Tim’s online jam at Soundcloud Global Meetup in London on 9th of February (whether you are at the venue, at home, on the bus, anywhere on the globe really…)

– send the footage to – you can send the video file directly there (it accepts attachments up to 100mb), or you can send us a link to any server you uploaded the file to, or to vimeo, or whatever will be the most convenient way for you to do it

– once we receive the footage, we’ll get in touch with you 🙂

If you have any questions, just drop us an email at Oh, and have a look at some handy links on the right.

Thanks again! 🙂

Maciek and Ciara


I hope you all will get involved!


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