The Edge of Glory

I have to say I begin to enjoy my hate-love relationship with Lady Gaga. Whenever I think she’s up to something interesting (like ‘Scheiße’ at Mugler’s fashion show – see at the end of this post!), she releases some poor quality Madonna rip-off (‘Born This Way’), and then it gets even worse with the follow-up (‘Judas’).

So when I eventually think she’s burnt out and has nothing exciting up in her sleeve, she drops a bomb in a form of ‘The Edge of Glory’. Somewhere on the line between a powerful a powerful ballad and a dance song she gives her best performance to date – finally I don’t have an impression that she’s trying too hard. Once she drops meaningless controversies and reaches out to her influences while not copying them, she can be a brilliant pop artist. I absolutely love ‘The Edge of Glory,’ can’t resist dancing around and singing along. I hope it will become a summer anthem.

So for now the ratio of bad and good songs is 2:2. Unless we judge the album by its cover, well, it’s one big unknown! I have just realised I never posted ‘Anatomy of Change’ – a TERRIFIC audiovisual feast, a video from Mugler’s fashion show and a remix of Gaga’s ‘Scheiße’ so here it is:

    • Seung-Chan Hong
    • May 27th, 2011

    I totally agree about Gaga being less than she seems to be. I love her enthusiasm, but there’s something about her music that’s lack of “pushing forward”, not like her visual presentation.

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