It’s been 10 years now that Aaliyah is gone.

She was the first artist I loved. You know, I was a FAN. I can’t really remember if I started listening to her before or after she died, it was definitely after the album was out though. It may sound strange – how can I not remember that?! Well, in 2001 I had no permanent Internet access, it’s not exactly like it was a massive news in Poland, and basically I was 13 years old, so I was not following news anyway. I think I started listening to her in summer 2001 and then in autumn I found out that she died in a plane crash. It was horrible, to discover such a gem only to lose it so soon.

Over few following months I spend so much time listening to her, reading about her, catching up with all her music videos (and it was quite a challenge as I had no Internet – I was lucky to have a friend who somehow was downloading her music videos for me and burning them on CD), and missing her more and more. I started cutting out and collecting her pictures etc. from newspapers, magazines, etc. I was a FAN.

Even though these days different music is close to my heart, I still love Aaliyah’s work. She combined old school r’n’b and soul with then up-and-coming urban sound of new millenium. She worked with Missy Elliott and Timbaland at their best, they were such a brilliant team. She had an amazing voice. She was a terrific dancer. She had class, something that you can hardly find in music industry now (yes, I just went there).

I wonder where would she be today if she was alive. At the age of 22 she was already so successful, and her career was blooming.

Today, a special tribute programme will air on BET, I’ve read somewhere that there will be some tribute performances from some fo her friends (and it seems that she was everyone’s favourite in the industry, so the list of potential performers is really long), I am really looking forward to catch it somewhere on the web soon.

What can I say, I miss Baby Girl.

Here’s one of my favourite songs of her; the vibe is incredible, always gives me chills…

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