Album of the Week

On this page you can find which albums were featured as the Album of the Week on my blog.

This element was introduced in version 3.0 on its premiere (22.02.10.).

Album of the Week

Sleigh Bells


This duo stripped their music down to the very things that gives a you a kick. Minimalistic yet massive. If you feel like having an injection of unrefined energy, go for this album.

Listen to the album sampler here.

12.04.10. – 13.06.10. – hiatus

The Bird and The Bee
Interpreting The Masters Volume 1 – A Tribute To Daryl Hall and John Oates (2010)

Neat collection of hummable covers from the most lovely band out there. Still, my favourite track is the only original track from Greg and Inara – ‘Heard It On The Radio’. Sunshine to my ears!

Listen to the album sampler here.

29.03.10. Temporary lack of Internet connection…

Lady Gaga
The Fame Monster (2009)

I guess because of the hype around ‘Telephone’ music video I caught myself ‘red-eared’ listening to this album quite often again. Even though it’s not the best piece of music, it has caused quite a stir in the pop world. And I really like the cover!

Listen to the album sampler here.

Box (2010)

If you skip tracks featuring Sqbass and Organek [#2, 6 and 9], it is a very good album. Best tracks – no surprises – are the ones with Marsija (Loco Star) and Novika, but Bunio and Maria Peszek are outstanding and steal attention for the first few times you listen to the album.

Listen to the album sampler here.

Tons of Friends (2010)

I need to listen to this album a bit more, but out of 20 tracks (!) I like quite many of them. I will let you know when I decide which ones are the best ones (‘Royal T’ featuring Roisin Murphy is my #1 so far!).

Listen to the album sampler here.

Lovefinder (2010)

I knew this album was going to be good, but I haven’t expected it to be THAT good.

Listen to the album sampler here.

Back Ted N-Ted

Hookie EP (2008)

Since I got my very own physical copy of this EP (bought on Imogen Heap’s gig where Back Ted N-Ted played too), I’ve fallen in love with it. I liked it a lot before, but it turned into LOVE.

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