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These two ladies above form a project called CREEP.

Lauren Flax, the one the right, is apparently a house DJ veteran – she toured with Fisherspooner and Madonna, and you may also know her from her remixes, for example ‘You’ve Changed‘ by Sia (it’s hard not to this one, isn’t it?) or ‘So Fine‘ by Telepathe. The other lady is Lauren Dillard and, erm, and she’s the other half of the project.

Some time ago, CREEP have released a new song featuring Nina Sky (who you may remember thanks to their 2004 hit ‘Move Ya Body‘). The track is rather eerie (let alone the emo/goth music video), hopefully it won’t get you down once you’re stuck on repeat. I have to say CREEP got me quite intrigued and I am looking forward to their album, and I am curious who the guest vocalists may be…

Help yourself to a creepy Planningtorock remix of the song via Abeano blog where you will find a download.

Also, it won’t hurt to have a look at their previous single ‘Days’ featuring the girl from The xx:



Imogen Heap doesn’t stop to amaze and inspire me. If you missed the ‘Heapsong1’ project, you can find all the information, vBlogs and other stuff at the project’s official page.To brief you: Immi started working on her 4th solo album, but obviously she goes far beyond normal music-making process! She will create and release a song every three months and she will try various creative and inspiring ways to do it. For ‘Heapsong1’ – which turned into ‘Lifeline’ eventually – she asked us to send her sounds from which she created the song. She also asked for lyrics, pictures and videos to inspire and complete the process. Imogen kept us updated through daily always-longer-than-planned (which was cery charming!) vBlogs and again she let us be a part of her song.

Why am I doing this? Well, there’s so much going on in my life with touring, talks and tech that this was both a necessity coupled with my passion for collaborative, spontaneous and creative projects. I also love the idea of turning the tables in that the seeds of the song begins with you, making a full circle when you experience it as a finished piece. – Imogen Heap

You can (and should!) buy the song at Immi’s official website. You can buy either single track for £0,79, or a fantastic ‘digital bundle’ that costs £2,49 and includes:
– ‘Lifeline’
– ‘Lifeline’ (instrumental version)
– ‘Lifeline’ (instrumental version with sounds – or ‘seeds’ as Immi calls them – from the people)
– 18 minutes long track on which Imogen shows every sound and explains every song – this is inspirational!
– music video
– digital booklet
So as you can see it is an amazing package and costs hardly anything! As Immi said, for same price you can buy a cup of tea at a cafe… and it will be gone from you in the end of the day, whereas the song stays with you for the whole life. Quite a point!

Anyway, this unprecedented project was a big deal for me as I am fascinated in the way that Immi or Tim Exile (who remixed ‘Lifeline’ live at its release party) use new media for creative collaboration… And since we talk about it – watch this space, I have quite a surprise!

Crystal Ball

Okay, so I just found this song on my friend’s Facebook profile [thanks, Michael] and here I am passing it on as it is simply stunning. I’ve never heard of Grimes before and I feel like I have some catching up to do, but as I am on my way out now, I will just give you a handful of useful links like Grime’s page and previews of her two albums that she both released in 2010: Geidi Primes and Halfaxa. Also, there are loads of info on her and three download on this blog.

You can listen to ‘Crystal Ball’ again below… Oh, and look at the arrow on the right in the Soundcloud player – it comes as a download too, isn’t it great? Enjoy!

Pink Cloud

I have to admit that I am not exactly sure where Sam Sparro is going with his new Pink Cloud EP (grab it for free at his website) or the music video for the song of the same title… ‘Pink Cloud’ is an interesting twist to the ’90s, but there is hardly any vocal from Sparro – and that’s the thing I like the most about him, he’s my #1 male vocalist after all! In fact, there is very little of sam at the new EP anyway…

The video is a bit weird, not really that amazing, but I like the paint glowing in the UV – still, I’ve seen it all before. As much as I adore Sam, I don’t think I’m thrilled for his Return to Paradise album (coming out some time in 2011) that much anymore. Are you? On the other hand though, I feel like I should give him some credit for being far from mainstream.


I was introduced to Casiokids by Loco Star in first weeks of summer. As far remember, we were talking about music videos and they asked me if I had seen this one (which I hadn’t):

Simple story with a pinch of randomness. Those sleepyhead masks with eyes as nostrils and long arms look brilliant. But I bet that at some subconscious level Loco Star also like this video because the dog looks like their dog that you may have seen on the cover of Silver Rocket Unhappy Songs album.

When it comes to music, Casiokids are great as a quite cheerful background to whatever you’re doing (I’ve no idea what they are singing about so if you happen to speak Norwegian, your impressions may differ), but on  Topp Stemning På Lokal Bar they have a couple of tracks that are distinctive enough to stay with you for a long time. One of them is the aforementioned ‘Finn Bikkjen!’ and the other one is ‘Fot I Hose’ that gained some popularity thanks to being featured on FIFA 2010 game soundtrack. I’ve just discovered that these two songs are free downloads on! Just click here to go to their page and click on ‘free download’ in blue next to the songs’ titles. Isn’t it great?

Back to ‘Fot I Hose’ – one night, my two friends and myself spontaniously decided to go out and shoot a short video. So I picked this song, we took some props and we were coming up with the storyline on the go. Here is the result, I have to say that I like it a lot:

I hope you liked the video!

Don’t forget to grab the songs for free.

Catching up

Long time, no see! But well, it’s summertime, right? ‘Laziness’ is the key word in my case, even though I wish it was ‘work’ especially on a creative level. For example, today I spent my noon in bed watching Nigella’s heavenly food porn. Does it get lazier than that?… I’m a kind of person who likes being on the run – the more I have to do, the more I want to do (and usually I actually use this hype and DO something). However, it works the other way too: if I have nothing to do, no routine, no schedule, no projects – I just can’t make myself to start doing anything. A vicious cirlce.

Luckily, it’s not that slow in music this summer. Here’s a little briefing:

Sam Sparro, my well-known crush on every level, premiered his new song on East Village Radio. It’s called ‘Pink Cloud’ and it was made by Sam himself and Jesse ‘Golden’ Rogg who you should know from ‘Turn The Radio Off’ podcasts. Don’t get too excited though, as it’s more of a dub/unmastered version of the song with hardly any vocals from Mr Sparro. Funky ’90s vibe is present all over the track and it’s not exactly a surprise if you’ve listened to any episode of aforementioned podcast series. The good thing is that the finished version of the song will probably serve as the first single from Sam’s awaited sophomore album. You can listen (and download!) the song on the radio’s website here. Enjoy!

Scissor Sisters premiered a music video for ‘Any Which Way’ – a second single from terrific Night Work. The song is one of my personal favourites from the LP, it reminds me of ‘Filthy/Gorgeous’ a little. The video itself is not exactly good (I expected so much better), but it’s camp in the only way I like it – the Scissor Sisters way! And Jake… oh my, Jake is gorgeous! Obviously, so is Ana!

Staying in a topic of camp, M.I.A. embraces tainted romantic stuff in a music video for ‘XXXO’. Quite a shift from ‘Born Free’ video imagery. It’s perfect in its wrongness and it makes me like the song much better now. And it looks stunning in HD quality. Directed by… Hype Williams. Well, well, well…

That’s it for now, stay tuned!

Momma’s remix

There is a contest out there for the best remix of Róisín Murphy‘s ‘Momma’s Place’ and some of them are really good. What is more, some of them are available for download!
Like this one (currently #1):

Some of them aren’t.
Like this one.

Dig in and enjoy!