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Last weekend I went to a Vimeo event that was a part of Edinburgh International Film Festival and I got to see some great shorts and music videos, including this one.

‘Flames’ by Karl X Johan is a really catchy song, but the music video!… I love how the story is told with macro cose-ups entirely, it’s fantastic! Pure pleasure to watch.

Directed by Gustav Johansson.



These two ladies above form a project called CREEP.

Lauren Flax, the one the right, is apparently a house DJ veteran – she toured with Fisherspooner and Madonna, and you may also know her from her remixes, for example ‘You’ve Changed‘ by Sia (it’s hard not to this one, isn’t it?) or ‘So Fine‘ by Telepathe. The other lady is Lauren Dillard and, erm, and she’s the other half of the project.

Some time ago, CREEP have released a new song featuring Nina Sky (who you may remember thanks to their 2004 hit ‘Move Ya Body‘). The track is rather eerie (let alone the emo/goth music video), hopefully it won’t get you down once you’re stuck on repeat. I have to say CREEP got me quite intrigued and I am looking forward to their album, and I am curious who the guest vocalists may be…

Help yourself to a creepy Planningtorock remix of the song via Abeano blog where you will find a download.

Also, it won’t hurt to have a look at their previous single ‘Days’ featuring the girl from The xx:


Stunning video and great music. A friend of mine needed just one word to describe and it gives justice to the audiovisual vibe: epic. For more information on Woodkid, just visit the video’s page on Vimeo.

Strange Talk

Such a nice discovery! Strange Talk sounds a little bit like their fellow Australian band Cut Copy, but this is more of a hint really. Very lively, very summery. Personally, I find it perfect for the first day of my summer holiday (yaaaay!).

By the way, isn’t it a great cover? I love it. Again, very summery.

Have a look at Strange Talk new video and listen to the full self-titled EP below.

Nah neh nah

This is the song of my childhood! Ney, nah neh nah! I haven’t seen the video for this song until today, and I was quite surprised how good it is, very classy. And this lady singer from Vaya Con Dios delivers a really powerful performance, doesn’t she? Oh, my inner child just dances like crazy… wait, so does my current self!

Thanks to my friend Natasha who posted a remix of this song (nothing amazing, but you can see it below) on her Facebook and brought these memories!

Ray of Light

For some reason, at least once a year, usually during springtime, I have this irresistible need to listen to Madonna‘s ‘Ray of Light’ on reapeat over and over and sing my lungs out to this song. I bet it has something to do with the sun, longer days, and basically feeling very much alive. So ‘Ray of Light’ season has officially started for me!

Rolling In The Deep

This song is a grower. It has grown on me to a degree I want to post it even though it is hardly any news. And the video is quite elegant too. Well done, Adele.