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WARNING: this video contains some pretty serious summertime imagery. You’d better have some holidays planned, may get slightly depressed otherwise.

This is not an official music video for ‘Bombay’ by El Guincho, it’s a video made by an Argentinian director Javi Devitt having some awesome time on the holiday in Brazil. He managed to capture a fantastic summer vibe just perfectly. El Guincho’s song helps big time though! Really good tune.

Alternatively, if you feel like seeing some breasts you can watch the original music video for that song here.



I’ve just disovered this Canadian band Austra, and so far I’ve only had a listen to their ‘Beat and the Pulse,’ but if they have more melodramatic dark vibes underpinning heavy dance beats, then we’re in for a treat! Their debut LP Feel It Break will be out in less than two weeks – 16th of May – so pencil it down in your diary. And let me add – what a great vocals!

And here’s another track – free to download!

Mixed feelings

Having had a listen to a mini mix of The Dance left me quite disappointed. I don’t think there’s enough of Maxi Jaxx and it’s not Faithless at their best surely… One song sound a bit like, ekhm, techno. Another one is nothing but ‘I Want More’ rip-off.

However, I am glad to hear Dido – she’s been with them forever and an album without her would not be complete Faithless album to me. The song with her was the best part of the mix.