Finally, some exciting news! It shouldn’t be long until we hear Björk‘s new song ‘Crystalline’ from her upcoming album Biophilia. The album is apparently inspired by nature and technology, which seems to me like a consistent continuation of her work, especially since Volta and ‘Nattura’.

Björk has launched a new version of her website with some graphic teaserers of the Biophilia concept, including the logo that you can see at the top of this post.

Oh her Twitter, Björk posted a photo of a clapper with ‘Crystalline’ and Michael Gondry written on it. That’s rather great news, as Björk and Gondry are a pretty good creative team. We should be in for an audiovisual treat. The video should appear near the end of June.


The Edge of Glory

I have to say I begin to enjoy my hate-love relationship with Lady Gaga. Whenever I think she’s up to something interesting (like ‘Scheiße’ at Mugler’s fashion show – see at the end of this post!), she releases some poor quality Madonna rip-off (‘Born This Way’), and then it gets even worse with the follow-up (‘Judas’).

So when I eventually think she’s burnt out and has nothing exciting up in her sleeve, she drops a bomb in a form of ‘The Edge of Glory’. Somewhere on the line between a powerful a powerful ballad and a dance song she gives her best performance to date – finally I don’t have an impression that she’s trying too hard. Once she drops meaningless controversies and reaches out to her influences while not copying them, she can be a brilliant pop artist. I absolutely love ‘The Edge of Glory,’ can’t resist dancing around and singing along. I hope it will become a summer anthem.

So for now the ratio of bad and good songs is 2:2. Unless we judge the album by its cover, well, it’s one big unknown! I have just realised I never posted ‘Anatomy of Change’ – a TERRIFIC audiovisual feast, a video from Mugler’s fashion show and a remix of Gaga’s ‘Scheiße’ so here it is:

Strange Talk

Such a nice discovery! Strange Talk sounds a little bit like their fellow Australian band Cut Copy, but this is more of a hint really. Very lively, very summery. Personally, I find it perfect for the first day of my summer holiday (yaaaay!).

By the way, isn’t it a great cover? I love it. Again, very summery.

Have a look at Strange Talk new video and listen to the full self-titled EP below.


I’ve just disovered this Canadian band Austra, and so far I’ve only had a listen to their ‘Beat and the Pulse,’ but if they have more melodramatic dark vibes underpinning heavy dance beats, then we’re in for a treat! Their debut LP Feel It Break will be out in less than two weeks – 16th of May – so pencil it down in your diary. And let me add – what a great vocals!

And here’s another track – free to download!

Calvin Harris brings on the summer

Well, at first I found this song average – and to be honest I still believe that most of the song is so, and Kelis is plain boring – but the chorus has really grown on me. Feels like summer! Apparently, on Calvin‘s new album there will guest vocalists instead of himself singing. I’m looking forwards to see who’s he collaborated with, he has quite a few friends to choose from…

Nah neh nah

This is the song of my childhood! Ney, nah neh nah! I haven’t seen the video for this song until today, and I was quite surprised how good it is, very classy. And this lady singer from Vaya Con Dios delivers a really powerful performance, doesn’t she? Oh, my inner child just dances like crazy… wait, so does my current self!

Thanks to my friend Natasha who posted a remix of this song (nothing amazing, but you can see it below) on her Facebook and brought these memories!

Oh, Gaga…

Yes, this is the album cover for Born This Way. And please mind that it is not a three weeks overdue April Fools’ Day joke. What the hell? I know that Lady Gaga is all about random, weird and kitch, but this is just ish.

To make things worse, her new song ‘Judas’ is absolutely awful. She needed a really good song to make up for previous Madonna rip-off. And what she does?

First, she self-references herself: “Juduas-juda-a-aas, Judas Ga-ga” VS “Rah-rah-ra-ra-rah,” as well as “ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh” parts, and some other bits… Sorry honey, but your career span is far too short to make us think “what a nice wink to her old song!” instead of “wow, that sounds exactly like ‘Bad Romance’… creative spark is gone!”

On top of that, the song sounds like some worst kind of ’90s Eurotrash. If she wanted to follow Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl’ path, then she must have chosen ‘unlistenable’ over ‘smashing’ on the crossroads.  I could write and write, but there’s no point in further rambling on about how bad this song is. Just give it a listen and you’ll get the idea.

Music video should arrive soon, but I can feel that it’s going to be as good as the song… I think I’m just fed up with Gaga. I hated her at first, I gave her some credit because of ‘Bad Romance’ and Fame Monster (which was a really good album) as I believed she actually may have some idea of what she’s doing. But now I realise she’s clearly clueless and she just grabs whatever is in a bad taste, moulds it together and puts GAGA stamp on it in attempt to give this mess some ‘value’. On Wikipedia I’ve found this quote from Catholic League (!!!) who already criticised the concept of her music video (in which she plays Saint Mary Magdalene and Norman Reedus plays Judas Iscariot) saying that Gaga becomes “increasingly irrelevant” with controversial videos as “the only way to jet up her performance” and I couldn’t agree more (wow, I am quite surprisd myself). I bet she will release the video on Good Friday or Easter Sunday which will only prove the point that she aims for controversy just for the sake of causing a stir. But let’s see through this.