Santigold & Karen O.

Yes, Santigold returns loud, fierce and not alone! For her new track ‘Go’ she teamed up with… Karen O. from Yeah Yeah Yeahs. What a duo! And so we know what album will smash us into pieces this year.

(Thanks to my favourite 524blog for making this day much better!)


Ray of Light

For some reason, at least once a year, usually during springtime, I have this irresistible need to listen to Madonna‘s ‘Ray of Light’ on reapeat over and over and sing my lungs out to this song. I bet it has something to do with the sun, longer days, and basically feeling very much alive. So ‘Ray of Light’ season has officially started for me!

Rolling In The Deep

This song is a grower. It has grown on me to a degree I want to post it even though it is hardly any news. And the video is quite elegant too. Well done, Adele.

Tim Exile: Running Through A Crowd Of People

So this is what I have been busy with since January – my friend Ciara and myself made a short documentary about Tim Exile! It premiered online on Tim’s official website last Friday and it also appeared on SoundCloud blog and… WARP Records website!

Long story ‘short’: I met Tim after Imogen Heap’s gig in February last year in Glasgow (have a look at the post about it) and then again in June when he was playing in Gdańsk. Last autumn, I had an idea, very vague at the time, about the short film I would like to make, so I talked to my friend Ciara about it and we decided to give it a shot. We emailed Tim and he was enthusiastic enough to give us a shot as well. That’s how it all started.

We went to London in January to visit Tim and had a chat about the project, get to know his mindframe and have a better insight into his projects. A month later we were in London again filming. We grilled Tim with questions in his studio and followed him and some other interesting people at SoundCloud Global Meetup where Tim played a live online jam.

This was a thrilling and inspiring journey for me. My most ambitious project to date, challeging but so rewarding! It was the first time Ciara and myself played around with a documentary form and we’ve learnt so much during the process. We are excited and happy with the final video, especially that Tim really likes it too. And I hope so will you! So here it is…

This short documentary explores Tim Exile’s unique music-making process – a crossover between digital and physical space, between individual and social experience.

Mind Bokeh

I had never heard of Bibio until a few days ago. I came across ‘Saint Christopher’ song and I liked it right from its first seconds just to fall for it as it was unravelling. Such a spacious soundscape! So I gave the Mind Bokeh a shot. It turned out to be a background music, but far from a cosy silence filler! It gets through to your consciousness just enough to let your appreciate its beauty while having this dreamy blurred state of mind (album’s title reflects the content just perfectly).

Have a look at the album sampler and ‘Saint Christopher’ below. You can purchase Mind Bokeh here. I feel I need to get more familiar with Bibio’s previous album as well…


Imogen Heap doesn’t stop to amaze and inspire me. If you missed the ‘Heapsong1’ project, you can find all the information, vBlogs and other stuff at the project’s official page.To brief you: Immi started working on her 4th solo album, but obviously she goes far beyond normal music-making process! She will create and release a song every three months and she will try various creative and inspiring ways to do it. For ‘Heapsong1’ – which turned into ‘Lifeline’ eventually – she asked us to send her sounds from which she created the song. She also asked for lyrics, pictures and videos to inspire and complete the process. Imogen kept us updated through daily always-longer-than-planned (which was cery charming!) vBlogs and again she let us be a part of her song.

Why am I doing this? Well, there’s so much going on in my life with touring, talks and tech that this was both a necessity coupled with my passion for collaborative, spontaneous and creative projects. I also love the idea of turning the tables in that the seeds of the song begins with you, making a full circle when you experience it as a finished piece. – Imogen Heap

You can (and should!) buy the song at Immi’s official website. You can buy either single track for £0,79, or a fantastic ‘digital bundle’ that costs £2,49 and includes:
– ‘Lifeline’
– ‘Lifeline’ (instrumental version)
– ‘Lifeline’ (instrumental version with sounds – or ‘seeds’ as Immi calls them – from the people)
– 18 minutes long track on which Imogen shows every sound and explains every song – this is inspirational!
– music video
– digital booklet
So as you can see it is an amazing package and costs hardly anything! As Immi said, for same price you can buy a cup of tea at a cafe… and it will be gone from you in the end of the day, whereas the song stays with you for the whole life. Quite a point!

Anyway, this unprecedented project was a big deal for me as I am fascinated in the way that Immi or Tim Exile (who remixed ‘Lifeline’ live at its release party) use new media for creative collaboration… And since we talk about it – watch this space, I have quite a surprise!

My House (Tensnake remix)

Such a brilliant remix! It’s a pity ‘My House’ got so little remixes (compared to ‘Blind’ or ‘You Belong’), but I guess it’s because of a record label change. Or Blue Songs being a disappointment in general…

Anyway, Tensnake‘s remix of Hercules and Love Affair changes mood of the song completely and as you may know if ou read this blog ever now and then – such remixes tend to be my favourites!


Talking about Tensnake, have you ever heard his song ‘Coma Cat’? Really good tune!