Immi’s vBlog #30!

I simply love Immi – her vBlogs inspire me a lot and make me feel so relaxed. It’s been over a year now that she’s making these hilarious videos, so I’d like to thank Imogen once again for giving me this amazing opportunity to have an insight into her creative work.


Psapp – the Monster song

Still from the 'Monster song' video

Still from the 'Monster song' video

Psapp has just posted the video promoting ‘the Monster song’ from upcoming album ‘The Camel’s Back’ (out 27/10).


click here to watch the video

…and I’ll be your movie star!

This song definitely made my day right from the early morning! The double A-side maxi single (Movie star / Slave to love) is on its way – it will be released on 13/10. Róisín has also announced that she is planning to make a new music video for ‘Movie star’, which is good news to all those who were disappointed with the version she released some time ago (was it June? July?). To be honest, I was more than disappointed – I get the point that she wanted to make a really weird video with all those drag queens and lobster rape, but it lacked good taste that she is known for.

There are six remixes on upcoming CDM (maxi single), I particularly like these made by Junior Sanchez. His ‘lax mix’ doesn’t sound like a remix really, it’s rather more like soft electro pop version of the song. The other one is quite expanded and harder electro. I’ll post links as soon as remixes appear on Róisín’s remixed myspace or

And for now, for those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the original music video for ‘Movie star’.

Oh, I forgot to write anything about ‘Slave to love’ that makes the single DOUBLE single. Maybe because it’s nothing special, I mean – it isn’t bad, just… nothing special. You can listen to the song here.

Is the future vinyl?

I had to summarise two articles for my Media & Communication Industries seminars today (we’ve just entered the music branch of the programme) and I’ve found them quite interesting, so I decided to share them with you. The first on is taken from the Guardian and is written by Daniel Cohen.

does it?...In the article, there are numerous examples showing that vinyl is coming back to labels’ favour. Two most significant to me are: in 2007 vinyl records doubled their sale; there are more than 250.000 vinyl titles in’s store. Face it with a global decline of a CD market.

What’s more, many labels try to make vinyl releases more attractive, for example by packaging MP3 download codes with vinyl LPs (so you have both physical release and opportunity to have it in digital format) or releasing deluxe vinyl box sets including promo materials like T-shirts, posters, and so on.

Another advantage of vinyl – from labels’ point of view – is that buyers seldom complain about its high prices. They are usually collectors that truly appreciate this format. Therefore vinyl releases seem to be profitable.

However, I can’t really agree with Continue reading

Psapp – I want that

Galia + Carim = Psapp
Galia + Carim = Psapp

Hurray! We only have to wait 20 more days for the release of Psapp’s third album ‘The Camel’s Back’!

So far, they are kind enough to give us a preview of what they may sound like – full version of ‘I want that’ can be heard on their myspace.

Well, the track is… awesome! They are still ‘toytronica’, but even funkier than their most funky moments (‘Rear moth’? ‘The words’?). The structure of the song is more pop, but there’s nothing wrong about that, as they haven’t lost any of their uniqueness. The new material seems to be refreshing for them and Galia has never sounded as joyful as on that track.

‘The Camel’s Back’ – yes, I definitely want that!

Imogen Heap – Just for now (live)

I’ve been thinking for half a day what should I start with… The answer popped out just before I got to the uni, when my iPod started to play astonishing live performance by Imogen Heap recorded at Studio 11 (Indie 103.1 FM).

This version of the song shows what Immi’s genuinely about: combining earthily powerful vocal with sophisticated technological arrangements.

Tracks on her latest album (‘Speak for yourself’) are so beautifully crafted that it’s hard to believe they can sound any better, especially when bearing in mind all the electronics that are involved, but this way of thinking turns out to be misleading.

Immi fills bytes with soul

Immi is the master of filling bytes with soul

Imogen uses her techno-toys really creatively, adding to ‘Just for now’ even more warmth and passion. Actually, it’s ‘only’ acapella version and it wouldn’t rise to a range of masterpiece if there weren’t all these devices behind it. However, the crucial thing is who controls them and Immi is the master of filling bytes with soul.

To be honest, that’s the most amazing and inspiring performance I’ve ever seen in my entire live.

Coming soon!

Hi there,

I am about to start this music blog. Just have to get to know wordpress first.

What can you expect? Albums and singles reviews, comments on latest music videos, reports from gigs, and of course news. Actually, anything that concerns music and comes to my mind.

Be patient!