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This evening has just become more exciting! We can listen to Björk‘s new single ‘Crystalline’ right now via disco naïveté. I don’t really know if one can ever get used to Björk’s genius, it amazes me every time. The song has a cool airy vibe to it and is subtle and smashing at the same time. I’ve just realised how much I missed her and now I really can’t wait for Biophilia…



Finally, some exciting news! It shouldn’t be long until we hear Björk‘s new song ‘Crystalline’ from her upcoming album Biophilia. The album is apparently inspired by nature and technology, which seems to me like a consistent continuation of her work, especially since Volta and ‘Nattura’.

Björk has launched a new version of her website with some graphic teaserers of the Biophilia concept, including the logo that you can see at the top of this post.

Oh her Twitter, Björk posted a photo of a clapper with ‘Crystalline’ and Michael Gondry written on it. That’s rather great news, as Björk and Gondry are a pretty good creative team. We should be in for an audiovisual treat. The video should appear near the end of June.

Dull flame of desire


Björk in 'Dull Flame of Desire' music video

To be honest, I wasn’t aware that Björk released a fifth single from Volta until last week. In my opinion, ‘Dull Flame of Desire’ featuring Antony Hegarty is one the most beautiful love songs ever made: intimate lyrics, breath-taking performances from both singers and raw, pulsing rhythm. To see a bigger picture you should listen to the 7:30 album version, but today I want to tell you about the music video and a great remix made for the song.

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Sexiest music videos: Weird

Björk in 'Pagan Poetry'

Björk in 'Pagan Poetry'

Before I’ll present you today’s episode’s videos, I’d like to briefly explain what is the difference between ‘freaky’ and ‘weird’ in my opinion. Freaky-sexy music videos are – as you’ve probably noticed – vibrant and often funny. Weird-sexy clips show dark and twisted (like Meredith from GA) preferences, usually presented in a dramatic or bizarre way. Now, you know what to expect. Continue reading


What would you expect if I told you that Björk teams up with Thom Yorke, Matthew Herbert and Mark Bell to record a single? Well, I expected much more than that.

‘Náttúra’ is just as raw and aloof as the landscapes of Iceland that the single tries to protect by promoting Náttúra Campaign (it’s mainly about stopping the construction of foreign-backed aluminum factories in Iceland and promoting the local economy).

It’s a laudable thing to do, but I don’t find anything special about the song itself. I had to listen to the track a couple of times to get behind Brian Chippendaleon’s drums and I haven’t found a lot there after all.